NorthCoast Provisions Brand Campaign

Outdoor, Mail, Identity

A Michigan cannabis company built by locals, NorthCoast Provisions started off as one dispensary location. As they prepared two open two additional storefronts within the state, we strategized a campaign to build brand awareness around target cities among a highly saturated cannabis market. This encompassed a parent brand for the storefronts and the grow (FLWRpot), mail outreach, and outdoor marketing.

Brand Awareness GET Campaign

The GET campaign was inspired by what people emotionally get and connect to when using cannabis. Whether for relief, focus, grounding, we wanted to ditch stigma surrounding marijuana and show people what cannabis could get them within a day-to-day context. Knowing the local demographic are lovers of the great outdoors, we took the campaign outside in addition to using imagery of nature. The campaign was coupled with discount codes to track impact.

Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor Billboard Marketing, Holiday Edit

Mailing Campaign

Valentine’s Day Edition, Mailer